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Creative Ninja

A little background...

I'm always searching for exciting and fun projects to take on (look at my work) I enjoy curating my playlists, indulging in history books, late-night movie discussions, writing for blogs, and exciting content finds on my daily web browsing. Runs are my jam, whether they're long, short, or talkative, but you can learn more about that on Strava. I have a strong passion for art direction, but content strategy has my heart. If you'd like to know more about me, keep reading ;)

Formally, I'm a...

  • Content strategist, curator and brand developer.
  • Content Director, as stated on my very outdated Linkedin
  • Art director, as my master's degree says.

Find me through...


2020 - 2022 Masters degree in Global strategic communications, Art direction track at FIU & Miami Ad School

2015 - 2019 BA degree in Advertising with minor studies in visual arts at Miami International University of Art & Design

A few of the people I've worked with...

Digital Content Strategist @ Ole Interactive

I came into Ole Interactive as an intern, and within six months of being there, I found the need to resurrect several websites bought by the company. This led me to work alongside Reynaldo Riobueno to create the content discovery department. I worked as the team's primary content director across various platforms. Curated content and developed licensing guidelines for a team of 40+ to be implemented on daily tasks. Focused on creating brand awareness and engagement, I successfully developed, executed, and oversaw the entire content strategy.

Account Manager @ Hazkel Puterman & Associates

My time at Hazkel Puterman & associates was crucial for my career. I came in as an Account Manager with a background in advertising, and my view shifted utterly. Along with Hazkel, I developed a brand tailored to a different market than he was currently working with. Among this brand development, I created and successfully executed a media plan & marketing strategy, leading to increased sales and overall brand awareness. This strategy was carried on through the company during my time there and is still implemented.

If you've read this far along, feel free to check out a couple of my side projects…

To Do